Thursday, February 18, 2010

Girl Gab - Valentine's Day - Great or Grrrr! by Gail Griner Golden

Did Valentine's Day frustrate you this year, or was your sweetie good to you?  Mine was fabulous...and has been for the past 4 wonderful years.

My husband Jem is a real "gem" when it comes to romance.  Even before the big day, he bought me a dozen long-stemmed roses.  Then, on the morning of the holiday, he brought me breakfast in bed, along with the Sunday morning newspaper, some wonderful sugar-free chocolates, and a very romantic card.  We spent a lovely morning and afternoon together, then went for a drive along the river, followed by a great dinner.  What a wonderful, bliss-full romantic day.  I felt so loved and pampered - like a princess - which is what he calls me.

Before you start to hate me, consider that it hasn't always been this way.  Before I married Jem four years ago, I compared marriage to having your teeth drilled without Novocaine!  I didn't know it could be good, but God smiled on me when he sent me Jem, my "gem".  I'd never known devoted, constant, up-lifting, kind and respectful love.  His kind of love just melts my heart and inspires me to show it to others.  Jem's love is like God's love.  It is always there, never changing, constant, strong, unselfish, and true. 

So, tell me about your Valentine's Day.  Was it good, or not so much?  Do you wish your husband was more romantic?  Did he forget?  Believe me, I've had some bad ones, too! 

Or maybe you could share some tips on leading your husband to be more the lady who hung red hearts in every room the week prior to Valentine's Day to give her husband the hint.  Sometimes you have to get creative, right?

Here's your chance to brag or vent...


  1. Gail, the Lord has truly blessed you! Have you ever sent anything to the Cup of Comfort love story editions? Your book sounds great!

  2. My dear sweet husband also gave me a perfect day. My gift was an airplane that shoots out of a gun - when it shoots bubbles trail behind. He also bought roses and took me to dinner. I felt so loved. It hasn't always been that way - Bob has always loved me but didn't like the day. We finally had a "heart to heart" and he finally got it - the day was important to me and because I'm important to him, he made adjustments. Turns out he is a real romantic at heart.